#4 Digital Marketing Trend Mobile Marketing [Video]

Are you reading this on your smartphone?  If so, I am not surprised!  Are you reading this on your smartphone?  If so, I am not surprised!  As I type this, 80% of email messages and blogs are now opened and read on a MOBILE device.  Reason enough to dedicate this, the fourth in my five-part series about Digital Marketing Trends, to Mobile.With so many topics from which to choose, it’s tempting to dive off the deep end and drown in all things Mobile, but let’s keep it (relatively) simple.  The most exciting Mobile trends for my money are:

  • Engagement
  • Personalization
  • Relevant Content
  • Video view ability
  • Email


We are living in the Age of the Micro-Moment, according to Google, which has identified four types of these decision-making moments that business owners can use to maximize their Mobile marketing:

I-want-to-know moments like “What is the capital of Oregon?”

I-want-to-go moments like “Where is the nearest grocery store?”

I-want-to-do moments like “How do I cook a turkey?”

I-want-to-buy moments: like “Kate Spade Handbag.”

When you/your business anticipates what your customers are likely to need, you can develop content that perfectly fulfills those needs and dreams. That content then needs to be available instantly, in bite-sized pieces – so users can easily find and use it while being, er, mobile.

And don’t waste their valuable click with a trip to your Home Page – instead, reward that action with a separate and engaging Landing Page to instantly answer their question or feed their shopping addiction!  They won’t forget you the next time they have such a need…


Mobile Personalization is a customized experience that is created by the best of today’s apps after being installed on a device.  These apps actually CHANGE and slightly modify themselves in various ways to deliver the very most relevant content.  The goal is to create an “engaging,” personalized user experience.

With over 4 Million apps on the Google Play Store alone, there is fierce competition for your customer’s eyes and heart like never before.  So the app that feels the most personal to your customer is the one the customer will use – until something better or more engaging comes along. 😉

One of my fave Mobile Personalizations is by Starbucks.


One of the biggest coffee chains in the world has recently redesigned its mobile app to place more emphasis on personalization, highlighting the importance of the trend. Starbucks’ app uses information it already has on its customers (for example, the type of coffee they usually drink, or the time of day they usually enter one of their branches) to craft special offers, discounts, or coupons. A user who mostly drinks decaf could be offered a new decaf product when he/she enters (or walks close) to the store. The app also makes it easier for users to track their points and reward in the Starbucks loyalty program, and even tells them what highlights the song is playing inside the store.

Results?  More visits to the store, and more spending.

Easy ways to Personalize are:

  • Using their first name in eBlasts
  • Segmenting your contact list to send targeted messages in what they’re interested in.
  • Having a login with a shopping cart so they can reorder easily.
  • Sending a thank you after they have attended an event, purchased or donated.


I’ve said it before and happy to shout it from the rooftops: Nothing Beats Relevant Content to keep your customers and prospective clients coming back for more.

Be Well, the popular wellness blog by Dr. Frank Lipman, presents extremely useful information, and is beautifully designed.  A close friend read every word (well, almost) over a six month period before making her very first online purchase of Dr. Lipman’s supplements.

Now she’s REALLY hooked – great products, excellent service, and great content to help her implement those products in the most effective way in her life.

She also receives right to her email box regularly-published information that is immediately useful. Every time my friend talks about it (which is not infrequent!), I smile, knowing that relevant content has yet another fan (me too!)



It turns out that Email Marketing works just as well (or even better) on Mobile.

Even just two years ago, most people quickly opened important or interesting emails and marked them to view on their laptop or desktop computer later.

Not so today!  Anything email marketing does on laptops can be done just as well (or even better) on Mobile.

Look for more VIDEO embedded within email messages, and that video will be in new, mobile-friendly formats like Square Video (Instagram) and Vertical Video (Snapchat and many other apps to come).

Email will become even more interactive, allowing the reader to take a quiz (a la oh la la Cosmopolitan), get an answer to a question, or purchase directly from the email!What will they think of next?!?


Does this VIDEO look unusual?  It should (unless you’ve clocked many hours on SnapChat).

Give up? The quite novel look comes from the way it sits on the screen – it’s in the new Vertical Video format.

SnapChat started the vertical craze because they realized that most millennials film video on their phone, and most of the time they hold their phone in the vertical position – thus Vertical Video was born.

Of course if you’re going to re-purpose your Vertical Videos for YouTube, some adjustments will need to be made (be sure to tune in to my article about re-purposing video later this year) but the fact remains that Vertical Videos have their own charm (after all those admonitions about holding your phone HORIZONTALLY to film, simply cannot believe I’m writing this OUT LOUD!).

For the full Vertical Video impact, view this charming video made by Animaker –on your mobile device. Of course, it will work on your laptop, but won’t give you the full effect of the magic of Vertical!







Tune-in to this Series next when I explore Digital Marketing Trend #5: Big Data.  It’s all about customization and personalization – and I can’t wait to show you some of my favorites.  A bientot…

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