Digital Marketing Trend #1: Marketing Automation

Does eMail Read Your Mind?

When you open your mailbox or Facebook feed, do you get the feeling that someone’s been reading your email – or your mind?

How else would it know your exact taste in clothing, kitchen knives, or camping gear?

Though it might seem uncanny, it is not ESP.  In fact, it’s a process so logical – so do-able – that your business can use it to create a similar experience for your customers. It’s called Marketing Automation and it’s the first in this month’s series on Digital Marketing Trends.

Targeted Automation

We all receive an average of 264 marketing messages each day, and it’s obvious which seem like “noise” (most, right?) and those that feel like they’ve been posted by a good friend, or at minimum someone who knows us very well.

And it’s not just one form – those hundreds of messages arrive on your digital doorstep published on multiple popular media sites:

  • Text such as Blogs and Articles
  • Conversations like Facebook and Twitter
  • Customized Email
  • Video and graphics on YouTube, Instagram, and Vine
  • Professional networks like LinkedIn
  • And Platforms like Google+

But no matter where you find it, there’s a big difference between marketing that’s just “so-so” and messages that ignite action!  What makes that difference?

Personalized Experience

The marketing magic that entices you to pull out your credit card is not mysterious.   Better still, it’s been studied and quantified, and it is repeatable – great news for your business.  It’s easy to learn the secret of gathering, parsing, and creating promotions to poise your business for dramatic growth.

It’s all based on the survey you answered months ago explaining:

  • Where you live, the number of people in your household, your age and socio-economic level
  • Which electronic devices you use most, your favorite form of communication, and
  • Your interests, buying behaviors, and even your favorite events

Welcome Email Series

What happens to all that survey data?  Wise marketers create Autoresponders – emails that automatically and instantly respond to customer requests – emails that can follow-up, inform, or entertain.  Some of the best provide incentives for action.

And this magic happens automatically while you focus on doing the tasks in your business that require your personal involvement like giving presentations and webinars, and meeting with new customers.

How Autoresponders Work

Autoresponders – for example a 4- or 5-part email welcome series – do require some planning but you’re going to LOVE the rewards of happier, more engaged customers and more income!

Series are good for you because you can deliver memorable, bite-sized content, graphics, and create even more brand loyalty. You can educate customers about your diverse product line, a great case study, success stories and even testimonials.

And they’re trés fab for your customers because targeted series make your clients feel remembered, cared for, and better-informed to make another YES decision about your products and services.

Remember how you feel when you open targeted email from your favorite vendors – it’s as if they’ve read your mind and are giving you exactly what you want!  You can give your customers the very same feeling.

Birthday Messages

Collecting customer birthdates gives you an easy way to schedule an entire month’s worth of birthday messages, all at once and send them automatically on each customers’ special day.  Genius!

Targeted Automation

Wondering how you can create this kind of magic?  Start with a very short survey to current customers, then customize responses by birthdate and buying preferences.

It turns out that most of us (more than 50% of all consumers) are more likely to shop when the experience is personalized – when we are addressed by first name or nickname, on our device of choice.

As consumers, we all love to be pampered – and a whopping 76% of us are willing to share personal information to have a better shopping experience.  I know I am!

That’s worth repeating:

Three-quarters of your target audience is willing to share information about their personal lives and interests simply to make shopping more efficient and pleasurable.

And all that valuable information from surveys creates a segmented customer base.  In other words, depending on the time of year and type of merchant or service, we may be one of the company’s VIPs, a customer who makes regular, consistent purchases, or may even be one of their coveted brand new customers.  Each designation has its perks, with the more alluring rewards going to the newest as well as the most loyal, long-standing members.

Magical Mind-Reading Marketing

And that survey information you answered can be parsed and used to automate marketing campaigns for email lists, social media promotions, autoresponders, and personalized offers – all amazing opportunities for your business.

Your Personalized Automated Marketing Opportunity

Job number one is always to create, maintain, and expand your products or services so that those products and services become objects of adoration for your target market.

Once you’ve got that handled, it’s time to start developing an effective marketing program.  Start the simple and easy way:

  • Survey current and new customers to segment them by demographic, interest, and type of device, then
  • Develop an Autoresponder series of personalized messages for each segment.

The magic of Automated Marketing doesn’t require magic abilities – just a few simple tools and good planning to implement them.

Next week we’ll focus on Digital Trend #2: Content Marketing when we’ll explore how content can work to promote your business.  See you then…

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