Is Blogging A Part of Your Marketing? It Can Be Actually Fun.

As a marketing consultant, I see many many opportunities for my clients to add blogging to their business. They have the same overwhelming response I once had, yikes, another marketing thing to do! But I did it, and I’m now loving it. Yes, blogging takes that focused writing time, especially in our busy schedules running our business. But there is a lot to gain, and keep on gaining for these reasons: N-13 Quote Blogging

Here are 10 reasons to blog…

  1. Blogging gets easier and easier as you accomplish this marketing task on your list.
  2. Blogging helps to establish your authority – in your business, and what you write about.
  3. Blogging is great SEO, as it’s fresh content – especially if you’re posting directly from your website, using your keywords, and writing about your expertise. People will find you as you write about a favorite subject, your expertise. And it has lasting power online.
  4. Blogging helps you to crystal focus on the next idea, creating your content that you can share. So in essence, it helps you organize your thoughts, as you dig deeper to learn about any subject you’re writing about.
  1. Blogging feeds your social media – You can share it and it’s easy for your followers to share too, promoting you.
  2. Blogging helps you stand out – it takes writing discipline – and if you do it, you’re ahead of your competition.
  3. Blogging is a way for you to tell your story – to find your voice – express yourself, state your opinions. It’s fun. Who doesn’t enjoy sharing their opinions?
  4. Blogging brings traffic to you and your site.
  5. Blogging keeps your mind sharp with your writing skills and the creative juices flowing, plus it expands your vocabulary (as you have to look up those perfect words to express exactly what you’re conveying.)
  6. Blogging helps to build rapport and engagement – it can warm up your sales calls and traffic from other sources.

Other best practice 9 tips

  1. Use a complementary graphic that communicates what you’re talking about in your blog. The graphic picture/image helps to draw in your audience, as they can relate instantly; as human beings, we relate to graphics – that’s a much older part of our brain.
  2. Graphics can be a photo, a quote, a graphic design that you or your graphic designer produces.
  3. Share other great blogger’s posts – this helps in a couple of ways. 1st it says that you are sharing other’s great content and 2nd, you’re delivering interesting content to your audience. It’s a way of being generous. And be sure to honor the other blogger by tagging them, or including their link.
  4. Add hash tags to your blog posts that are relevant in your industry – helps in the overall search.
  5. Once you spend all that focused time on writing a great blog, you can repurpose and use for your upcoming video script!
  6. Share your blogs on: Email Marketing, LinkedIn, Twitter, which is easy to do through your Constant Contact email marketing account.
  7. Share your blog post from your website, and in fact, having a WordPress website allows this to happen seamlessly, and the first place you would post, thereby generating a link where the blog post lives and can be shared.
  8. Once you’ve done your blog post on your WordPress website, you can share that link everywhere: as noted by Rick Cooper, my favorite online trainer –Email Marketing Newsletters, LinkedIn, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Delicious, Reddit, Digg, YouTube, Slideshare, LinkedIn Groups, StumbleUpon – lots of ways to leverage your focused hard work.
  9. Create an account and share on EzineArticles, (for your high-quality, original articles)

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