Prepare Yourself to Be Your Best on Stage

Master the Stage - How to Prepare Yourself to be Your Best on Stage

Master the Stage – How to Prepare Yourself to be Your Best on Stage

How to prepare yourself to be your best on stage – to overcome fear of public speaking and public performing.

A huge percentage of people have that fear of public speaking. Even if you have thoroughly prepared your speech, the moment you step on stage can bring out the nervous jitters. You may even say “Why am I doing this?” Your reputation is on the line, you can’t let everybody down. I know 1st hand about this anxiety, been there, done that and survived. You will too.

Here are action tips to beat those stressful feelings of public speaking or performing:

  • Breathe

Your mind will get into the rhythm of your breathing. It works.

When we’re extremely anxious we tend to either hold our breath or breathe very shallowly off the top of our lungs. The result is we prolong and heighten the physical discomfort brought on by fear of speaking. Stand up, if possible. Place your feet a shoulder width apart and put one hand on your belly. Now breathe in deeply.

Imagine the breath coming in through the soles of your feet and traveling all the way up your body to the very top of your head. Hold the breath for a moment before releasing. Breathe in calmness, exhale negativity and anxiety.

  • Insert the exact opposite of Fear statements

In the midst of a crisis irrational fears may take over. Often they are quite without foundation. The mind is very powerful whether it’s entertaining a negative or positive thought. Take the negative thought like “They aren’t going to like my speech.” To “They are going to love my speech.” Say it as a mantra over and over, really it works.

  • Resist Using Alcohol (even the night before)

Alcohol is an unreliable short term solution. It may quell your nerves but it is far from being an acute anxiety help as it will also dull your ability to respond quickly and appropriately. Save the glass of wine for later!

  • Use Your Imagination Positively

See yourself at ease. See yourself performing beautifully. Make the images as detailed as possible. Add sound, smell, feel … Use all your senses to create an outstanding movie in your mind featuring yourself.

See yourself before the performance, poised and alert. See yourself during it, responding to the challenge and see yourself afterward, reflecting on a task done well.

  • Drink Room Temperature Water or Hot Tea

Ice in water can freeze the vocal chords. Also, lemon water can dry out the vocal chords. Hot herbal tea is a great option.

  • Eat Lightly

Heavy food in a delicate stomach can get you off your game.

Eat light foods or if you can’t eat anything, take a nourishing drink, like a banana smoothie. (In fact bananas have been found to contain natural beta blockers which minimize symptoms of anxiety.)

  • Be in the Moment

When you are ‘in the moment’ your mind is not racing ahead filling itself with all sorts of concerns about what might or could happen. Instead you are focused on what it is you are doing now and carrying out that activity to the very best of your ability. This makes you alert and responsive.

To help you stay in the ‘now’ practice breathing fully. Use the rhythm of good breath control to anchor you.

  • Meditate in Advance About Your Audience

When you first awake, take a moment to think positively about your audience. Focus your attention on giving them value and them receiving you very well. Do this same exercise just before going on stage, as well.

The most important aspect of this exercise is experiencing you as a success!

  • Re-Check Your Planning – Plan on arriving EARLY

Always arrive EARLY – Be with the people, connect with them beforehand. Way ahead of schedule (think weeks) Go through the ‘little’ details as these can be the things which in the end cause the most stress, simply because they are overlooked.

Time and length of Speech | Demographics of the Audience | Conference Name | Host’s Name

Prepare and pack everything at least the day before, that way you are focused only on performing. This includes checking your PowerPoint Presentation on your laptop the night before, your order forms and authored books packed and ready, your presentation on a thumb drive, projector and all necessary electronic chords. Your phone fully charged.

  • Select your wardrobe outfit the night before.

Check for stains, repairs, need for ironing or a lint brush. If the electricity goes out 1st thing in the morning, you’ll all set.

  • Play Your Favorite Music

Music has a wonderful way of connecting you to your spirit.

  • Get All The Details in Your Electronic Calendar

Contact name and cell phone of event planner, hotel address, speaking venue address, shuttle phone number

  • Congratulate Yourself

It takes courage to put yourself out as a performer of any sort in the first place. Being on stage is exhilarating; You are a doubly courageous person.

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