What is Public Relations and Publicity? Why Big Idea Campaigns?

Public Relations is about positioning your company, product or entrepreneur in a favorable light to the public, which fosters a Know, Like and Trust factor, to help attract and keep new clients. It generates interest and awareness.
Publicity is landing media exposure, whether it’s in print, radio, TV, online social media activities or bloggers. Landing coverage helps to position the company leaders as experts who are passionate about their brand. It also creates a buzz factor around events or product rollouts.
Big Idea Campaigns can start small, and over time can expand to annual events that attract top-notch sponsors, advertisers, loyal customers and fans. Each business, and each entrepreneur holds the magic key on what’s next for them.
Authors – Start your social media activity 3 months before your book is due out. Offer an intriguing chapter PDF to have them opt-in with their email to join your VIP mailing list. Set up your branded auto-responders to immediately thank them, and keep in touch with book cover branding. Build the sizzle before the book comes out.
Business Consultants – Apply for awards, nominate a high-profile personality for an award.
Restaurants – Stage a photo shoot for your most popular dishes, start a “Raving Fans” club.
Big Marketing Ideas can be a step in the right direction for getting big attention. You may not have a lot of cash for the budgeting, so look at these ideas and implement at least one into your business now.
  • Comment on blogs you enjoy or have something to say about it to the blogger – This is a great way to get your website popular and your profile picture noticed. You have to participate in blogs that are related to your own business and website, and the comments you leave have to be insightful. This encourages others to dig deeper into who you are, and often result in visiting your website.
  • Start a blog – This will help you find your writing voice, and fairly quickly, it becomes easy to come up with topics in your industry that you care about, agree or disagree with. Host the blog on your domain. Write insightful, entertaining, value-added content that serves your audience. Pitch not more than 20%. When someone adds a comment, respond to each blog comment.
  • Leverage Social Networks – From Facebook, to Twitter, to Google Plus, they are all popular sites that you can be leveraging. Create your profiles, use professional photos and update regularly and be relevant to your audience. It’s about them, not you.
  • Become a guest on a radio show – Radio hosts love to have guests on their shows. Jump on board. Prepare an outline in advance, and give your host suggested questions the audience would appreciate, and that you have a good command answering.
  • Photography – Regularly update your photo portfolio, share these photos on your social media, change photos around on your website to keep it interesting, get in front of event photographers with you and the organizer or other key attendees, then follow up with the photographer and pay for the photo. Spread the word and the visual.
  • Testimonials – This is fast becoming the deciding factor for customers to buy from you. Stage a campaign and collect all kinds of testimonials of your loyal fans and partners. A photo and script content is the easiest. Coordinating a video shoot is a step above and so worth it, because it’s so visual.
  • Video has finally arrived – Work with a professional video producer to get a quality product. People buy people. Now video is used on website home pages, closing buying pages and product/event rollouts. Plan on spending prep time on scripting, shooting A and B rolls, with a pro, they will craft the message together in 2- to 3-minute sound bites, complete with your company branding. They also help you look, sound and deliver tight messages.
  • Have exceptionally great customer service – Being committed to this principle starts at the top and runs through the entire team. Have this as top priority, and your customers will sing your praises.