Speakers: Think about Using Pauses in Your Speeches – Very Powerful

Speakers: Why Using Pauses in Your Speeches Can Be Very Powerful by LynAnn King, Publicist, Marketing Strategist & Entertainer

A speaker that knows how to use pauses in their speech is a total Being On Stageprofessional, at ease with speaking, and knows how to take the audience on a journey. Think about it for a moment, when one is nervous, they fill all the space, either by rambling on, or saying that dreaded “um”, or worse, forgetting where they are all together in the speech.

A pause, a silence actually speaks louder than any words you can insert.

The answer is simple:

A pause in the right place at the right time gives YOU:

  • control of your audience
  • time to take a good breathe
  • time to pace into the next comment or powerful phrase
  • time to receive the feedback from your audience

A pause in the right place at the right time gives YOUR AUDIENCE:

  • time to breathe
  • time to let the images or ideas you’ve given them “percolate” in their minds
  • time to write down what’s been said
  • time to prepare for what may be coming next
  • peeks and grabs their attention

 Good Pauses – Bad Pauses

There are differing types of pauses or silence.

Planned Pauses, silences in your speech are golden. They add a bit of rhythm and beat to your words. I once saw Carmen McRae singing, and when she deliberately paused before her next phrase, I was literally hanging on the edge of my seat, in that timeless attentive space, allowing her to take me on a journey. In that moment, I truly learned the power of silence, space, of the pause.

Practicing Pausing – Silence at that Right Moment

Record yourself going through your speech. You will hear a difference between conscious pausing, pausing because you’re forced to by lack of breath and rambling on nervously. Rambling and not pausing, leaves no gaps between the flow of your words.

Let Punctuation Be Your Guide in your speech notes – insert them, using an exclamation mark, a dot dot dot for a pause, a return to start the next subject, quotes when needed and so on.

Experiment with holding the silences until you feel you have the ‘beat’ you want.

Speaking directly to an audience is different than practicing alone. Have a friend listen to you trying variations and be open for their feedback.

Have fun. Stress just makes everything worse. Practice does make perfect. Practicing your speech and actually doing speeches to an audience will get you masterful as a speaker.

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