Video is Finally Here – Quality that is and tips for what to wear.

Video has been on companies’ wish list for years. Between prioritizing marketing dollars for videos, and problematic vendor issues on transferring video files for edit review, companies are now embracing the importance of doing what it takes to add videos. Showing personable and branded videos, can instantly connect you with prospects. What better way to showcase your expertise and professionalism than a well-crafted video? In this blog, I share ideas for using videos in your media and promotions. We also share how to look good on camera, by choosing the right wardrobe.

Here’s a list of key ways that video is being used by PR professionals to help brands, businesses, organizations and individuals tell their stories.

  • Welcome video on your home page.
    Greeting your website visitor with a friendly video is a great way to convey your energy and passion for what you do.
  • Pitches and press releases. Videos make pitches and press releases infinitely more interesting and engaging. Referencing a hot new viral video, the latest video in a Web series, a video announcement from a key corporate player or simply a fun, informative video about a product can make a huge difference in how a pitch is received. Video gives journalists, bloggers and publications more content to share with their visitors. And who knows, you may end up on the news!
  • Building trust and credibility with targeted groups. Video builds trust. Instead of reading a text quote from a company spokesperson, viewers are able to actually see that spokesperson speaking. There may be some media training and coaching involved, but that’s what directors are for.
  • Raising brand awareness/promotions/working with celebrities. Videos that offer something of value—such as cash, prizes or 15 minutes of fame—can spread like crazy on your social media networks and highlight a product’s involvement in a contest or promotion, raising awareness of the product and, by extension, the brand.
  • Including multimedia elements.
    Even if your writing is the richest on the net, adding images or videos is crucial to breaking up the text and keeping things interesting. If you are writing for a restaurant, include a cooking demo of a signature dish. If you are writing an editorial piece, post a fun video clip that helps illustrate your point. Multimedia elements liven up a post and are an important aspects of the perfect blog post.

Dressing for the camera.

  • Begin with solid colors. This is not to say that some striped or patterned outfits will never work on TV, but solids are the best place to start. Sometimes stripes and plaids can look like they are moving on camera, and so the camera crew and producer usually like to ask that you steer away from that. Although for men, a suit with a very thin pinstripe will usually be fine.
  • Keep in mind the harsh reality that the camera does add 10 pounds on you. You may have a suit or an outfit that you absolutely love to wear on a day to day basis. But if it is a certain cut, color or style, it could actually be very unflattering for you on TV. Again, another reason to stick to solid colors. Whites and other light colors will make you look bigger. So if you are concerned about that, go with black, deep blues and greens and other darker tones.
  • Dangers of Black! There is so much black apparel in stores to choose from. The color black is considered by most of us to be a “fail-safe” color. Many of us have become so habitually drawn to this color that we grab it out of our closets and proceed to throw it on with anything and everything. The danger of black is that it can make a woman’s skin tone appear sallow and fatigued bringing forth a less fresh and dewy complexion. Bottom line, black can instantly age us women. There are many more flattering “fail-safe” colors than black that will compliment our skin tones.

The reality is most of us are going to wear black regardless of its copious challenges. And, since black has been so readily available in stores and our closets, it’s easy to grab. The good news is that there are techniques to override the obstacles of black and to create highly successful outfits. Here are some suggestions:

  • Monochromatic – Wear black from head to toe! Clothing and accessories should be all the same black color. We could add some gold or silver jewelry but it should not be bold statement pieces but rather subtle accents to compliment our black ensemble. This is a chic approach to wearing black. Add a little extra color and sheen with your makeup to highlight your skin and to offset all of the black. The best way to distinguish ourselves from the rest of the group, who will most likely be wearing black too, is to select black garments that have some special detail to them. Incorporate fabrics that have interesting textures. Or go for design elements that include intricate embellishments or modern architectural cuts.
  • Mix With Saturated Colors – Opt for colors that are more saturated rather than bold bright colors when pairing with black. The saturated colors are denser and less intense. When mixed with black the entire outfit appears lush because the colors are more flattering to the skin tone and there is less of a contrast next to the black.
  • Add A Colorful Accessory – Select one colorful accessory to wear with an otherwise all black outfit. The vibrant or saturate-colored accessory, such as a belt, could be used to highlight a cinched-in waistline. Or a hot pair of shoes in a bold color would definitely make them stand out in contrast to the black. Even wearing all black and adding a colorful statement necklace would be fierce! The idea is to bring the focus in the outfit to only one item. This approach will create a more sophisticated modern look and yet still draws the viewer’s attention to you.

The results are in and it is clear that most of us are going to wear black whether or not it is the most flattering color choice, because it usually makes us look thinner. In order to keep our skin tones looking fresh and rejuvenated while wearing black, add extra punch to your makeup, a contrasting inside color, unique details and quality.

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